Be Part of the Action

Volunteer judges taking a look at the boat creations made by participants at the Whatever Floats Your Boat Regatta

Volunteers and Docents

Volunteers and Docents play important roles at the lab, working with faculty and staff to support our research, education, and outreach missions throughout the year. Events like the Open House and Whatever Floats Your Boat Regatta are prime examples where volunteers make these events so memorable. Equally important are those who volunteer to work in the field with our scientists and graduate students. The dedication and enthusiasm that our volunteers and docents bring contribute significantly to our success.

The FSUCML docents are volunteers who conduct tours and special programs for visitors. Due to their public visibility, docents also serve as ambassadors for the FSUCML to a wide variety of guests. Docents participate in a training program with members of our Advisory Board. To find out more about Docent responsibilities, see our Docent’s Program: Instructional Material.

Sound like fun? Be part of the Action! Join the merry band of volunteers and docents. Read the FSU Volunteer Policy and let us know what you are interested in doing by filling out the Volunteer and Docent Application. Read the FSU Volunteer Policy.

Supporting information for volunteers appears on these websites.

Questions? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Lara Edwards at (850) 697-4137 or

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