Marine Operations at the FSUCML

The FSUCML Marine Operations Program provides support for vessel operations, scientific diving, and laboratory and field research in the coastal and marine environments surrounding the laboratory as well as at sites far afield (including the Wider Caribbean --the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and waters along the SE US coast – and in Canada). Staff members are available to help with scheduling and coordinating research projects and provide training in using scuba diving as a research tool. All researchers must have the proper state and federal permits required for all scientific and education projects conducted through the Florida State University.

For more information, contact Durene Gilbert (850) 697-4095 or or download the Research Vessels and Facilities Brochure.

The Florida State University is a member of the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS). All FSU vessels are listed on the Small Research Vessel Inventory.

The FSUCML is a member of the Scientific Boating Safety Association, which provides our boat operators with reciprocity for boat use with other institutional members across the country. 

Small Boat Fleet

Small Boat Fleet includes six small vessels between 16 to 28 feet. All boat operators must pass a check-out test.

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R/V Apalachee

The 65-ft research vessel, the R/V Apalachee, is available for 1-6 night excursions in coastal and offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Diving Program

This program supports scientists using diving as a research tool. FSU is a member of the American Association of Underwater Scientists.

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Research Aid

Personnel are available to assist in the planning and staging of field studies as well as the care of organisms kept in captivity.

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