Research Guide

The mosaic of habitats surrounding the FSUCML offers marvelous opportunities to conduct research in pristine environments. We encourage researchers from the FSU main campus and from research institutions across the globe to consider using the FSUCML as a research base. FSUCML personnel are available to assist in the planning and staging of laboratory and/or field based research and educational programs. The FSUCML also offers support including lab space, research equipment, field sites and help with the collection, care and feeding of live organisms. See the education and research space website for more information about classroom space. Fees apply for some support services. For additional information about research support please contact our Marine Research Assistant, Katrina Bayliss, at (850)-697-4159 or

Research Plan

Scientists interested in conducting research using the FSUCML as a base must submit a research plan that includes details on the type of research, copies of all permits, and the support required from the laboratory to ensure the coordination of all projects. Also required is a map indicating any field sites, the area being used, and the expected length of time the study will continue.

The Research Plan Submission form can be downloaded here: Research Plan Form. Please fill out the form and submit it to Travis Mohrman, Facilities Director ( Travis will help with project coordination.

The intent here is to avoid any conflicts among research projects. At the conclusion of all projects, the principal investigator is responsible for removing all site markings, cages, and other non-permanent structures, and cleaning laboratory space. See the Classroom Website for descriptions of habitats in close proximity to the laboratory.


All FSUCML users collecting organisms for research or educational purposes are required to have current collection permits from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (email: or other appropriate agency (e.g., NOAA, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service). All users should limit collections to the minimum required for research or educational purposes to minimize damage to the local environment. Specimens no longer needed for education or research must be returned to their collection site.


Any FSUCML lab users collecting vertebrate organisms for research purposes must have a current animal care and use protocol approved by their respective institution’s animal care and use committee. FSU users must submit their protocol to the FSU Animal Care & Use Committee (ACUC) for approval. Any users collecting vertebrate organisms for educational purposes must provide an animal care and use protocol approved by their home institution, or make limited collections using the FSUCML’s animal care and use protocol. However, users operating under the FSUCML’s animal care and use protocol must be supervised by an FSUCML staff member.

Submitting Permits and Protocols

Current permits and approved animal care and use protocols must be submitted to Katrina Bayliss via email at If you have questions regarding collection permits or animal care and use protocols please contact Chris Matechik at (850)-697-4159 or

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