The primary goal of outreach at the FSUCML is to help people of all ages and all walks of life understand, appreciate, and support scientific endeavors. We hope to inspire the citizen scientist in all of us to volunteer in our communities (including the lab) to help protect and restore the natural habitats in which we are all embedded. Vehicles for discussing critically important and current marine-related topics include our lecture series, workshops that explore the connections between art and science, and special events like the Biennial Open House and the Whatever Floats Your Boat Regatta. Join the experience.

Lecture Series

The FSUCML offers two scheduled lecture series open to the public to hear invited speakers talk about coastal and marine issues of broad interest: The Conservation Lecture Series and Lunch Bunch.

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FSUCML educational programs provide participants with exciting opportunities to learn while having fun in a relaxed and biologically diverse setting.

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Special Events

Special Events are open to the public and occur every year (Whatever floats Your Boat Regatta) or every other year (FSUCML Open House). Learn more here.

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Check out the latest research highlights from the faculty, post docs, grad students, and undergrad students of FSUCML.

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