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FSUCML Graduate Student Awards in 2017 – Florida Sea Grant Scholar Awards and Save Our Seas Foundation Grant

Two of five recipients of the Florida Sea Grant Scholar Awards this year include Ph. D. students Abbey Engleman (Advisor Dr. Sandra Brooke) and Bryan Keller (Advisor Dr. Dean Grubbs).

These two young scientists are conducting research important to the health of ocean ecosystems statewide. Abbey proposes using 3D printers to create coral reef prosthetics while Bryans work centers on understanding the migration patterns of coastal sharks. In addition to the monetary award ($2,000 each), Abbey and Bryan will learn about Sea Grant’s statewide program of extension and education. In addition, Bryan Keller received a grant from the Save Our Seas Foundation specifically to continue his work on migration in bonnethead sharks.

Brendan TalwarTalwar Receives Prestigious 2017 Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship
Brendan Talwar has had a long-standing interest in the intersection of science and policy. "My research interests have always been motivated by a desire to solve real world problems and inform fisheries management. The opportunity to understand how this research can be translated into marine policy is invaluable. I'm extremely thankful to be awarded the Knauss Fellowship and I am eager to better understand the role of science in policy-making at the national level." Congratulations, Brendan. We look forward to hearing about your experiences in the policy arena.

Brian MoeMoe first Recipient of the FSUCML Coastal & Marine Conservation Research Assistantship Award - Summer 2017.
We are pleased to announce our first recipient of the FSUCML Coastal & Marine Conservation Research Award, Brian Moe, Ph.D. student, Department of Biological Sciences (Advisors: Dr. Chip Cotton and Dr. Joe Travis). Brian is currently researching the growth and life history of deepwater sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. This award is the brain child of FSU alumni Tommy Warren and Kathy Villacorta, who created this endowment to provide support for graduate student.

2017 FSUCML Scholarship Recipients

We are pleased to announce the 2017 recipients of the FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory Graduate Student Research Scholarships. Recipients receive $1,000 each and use the Marine Lab as a base for conducting their graduate research. Awards go to:

Maggie Vogel (Dept. Bio Sci, Advisor: Dr. Tom Miller) - “The influence of abiotic stress on the diversity and composition of seagrass associated microbial communities.”

Kevin Olsen (Dept. Bio Sci, Advisor: Dr. Don R. Levitan) - “Influences of microscale genetic differentiation on the mating system characteristics of the colonial ascidian Lissoclinum verrilli.”

Austin Heil (Dept.EOAS, Advisor: Dr. Sandra Brooke) - “The reproduction and age structure of the Sheepshead (Archosargus probatocephalus) in different habitats in the NE Gulf of Mexico.

Past Awards


FSUCML Scholarships

  • Katie Kaiser - Climate change-mediated distributions: impacts on ecological interactions
  • Austin Heil – Aggregations and spawning behavior in Sheepshead, on artificial Reefs in the NE Gulf of Mexico
  • Chris Malinowski - Bioaccumulation patterns of mercury on Goliath Grouper: impacts on health, reproduction, and survival
  • Ryan McKenzie – Mating system and the effects of relative body size and size-selective fishing in the black sea bass

John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship

  • Alexandra Harper (Advisor Chanton), Ph.D. FSU Earth Ocean Atmospheric Science

William & Lenore Mote Graduate Summer Research Assistantships

  • Joanna Imhoff (Advisor Grubbs)
  • Christopher Malinowki (Advisor Coleman)


FSUCML Scholarships

  • Zach Boudreau – the ecological costs of claw autotomy in stone crabs
  • Marina Lauck (Advisor Miller) - The effects of algal mats on intra- and interspecies competition on plant communities in coastal dune ecosystems
  • Chris Malinowski (Advisor Coleman) – Mercury contamination in Goliath Grouper
  • Ryan McKenzie (Advisor Coleman) – Mating systems and relative body size of black sea bass
  • Ale Mickle (Advisor Chanton & Grubbs) – Mercury toxicity in hagfish
  • Brendan Talwar (Advisor Grubbs) – Capture stress in two deep water shark species

Guy Harvey Scholarships

  • Chris Malinowski (Advisor Coleman)
  • Brendan Talwar (Advisor Grubbs)

John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship

  • Bob Ellis (Advisor Coleman)


FSUCML Scholarships

  • Chris Malinowski (Advisor Coleman) –
  • Ale Mickle (Advisor Chanton & Grubbs)
  • Bianca Prohaska (Advisor Grubbs)

Guy Harvey Scholarship

  • Bianca Prohaska (Advisor Grubbs)


FSUCML Scholarships

  • Zach Boudreau (Advisor Levitan) – Ecological consequences of cheliped autotomy in stone crabs
  • Johanna Imhoff (Advisor Grubbs) – Depth-mediated difference in trophic ecology and mercury contamination in six species of sharks
  • Cheston Peterson (Advisor Grubbs) – Understanding the symbiosis of sharksuckers and their hosts.
  • Carly Ryan (Advisor Miller) – Temperature-mediated sexual plasticity in an invasive sea anemone

Guy Harvey Scholarship

  • Robert Ellis (Advisor Coleman)
  • Johanna Imhoff (Advisor Grubbs)


FSUCML Scholarships

  • Ellen Kosman (Advisor Levitan) -An examination of the shift in allelic frequencies in gamete recognition proteins and genotype=based fertilization success rates based on sperm environment
  • Cheston Peterson (Advisor Grubbs) - Stable nitrogen isotope turnover rates and diet-tissue discrimination factors of Atlantic sharpnose sharks under semi-controlled conditions
  • Matt Kolmann (Advisor Grubbs) - Feeding ecomorphology in the cownose ray
  • Travis Richards (Advisor Grubbs) - Trophic structure and underlying nutrient source dynamics of spotted sea trout in a river dominated estuary.
  • Zach Boudreau (Advisor Levitan) - Fitness consequences of demographic change in stone crabs


Guy Harvey Scholarship

  • Cheston Peterson (Advisor Grubbs)

PADI Foundation

  • Bob Ellis (Advisor Coleman)

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